Taking responsibility for creating a sustainable future


As a small Australian business, we have committed to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

These are the ways we have committed to this:

Creating small runs of production at a time. This encourages us to use ‘pre-sale’ for online orders to make exactly what we need to avoid over producing clothing which may end up in landfill.

Made-to-order in our Sydney Boutique, to make as we go for clients and prevent over-producing.

Re-using fabrications, off-cuts and damaged goods to avoid and prevent disposability in landfill.

Lastly, our packaging is completely biodegradable and compostable. We use compostable mailers and cardboard boxes for all of our shipments.

Who made my clothes?


All of our garments are made in the heart of Australia by locals.

Our manufacturing follows ethical production, a fair workplace and equal rights towards women.

As a Australian label, we promise to always make improvements based on our workers values and environmental impacts. We will continue to stay transparent and address these publicly.

We have no participation and never will with contributing to poor working conditions and environmental degradation.

Wardrobe capsules; creating outfit staples to use all year round.


“Instead of designing for landfill, we must design for longevity, and encourage a generational and cultural shift that relies on keeping our clothes.” - Orsola de Castro

Jafrie is and will always do our best to create high quality garments that will last. We will educate to help care for your garment to increase its lifespan. We encourage our consumers to repair, swap or up-cycle your garments.