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the pillars

At Jafrie by R, we embody core values that define our approach.

We prioritise responsibility, transparency, inspiration, inclusivity, and integrity. We take full responsibility for our environmental impacts, while transparency fosters trust through open communication on our brands' journey. Drawing inspiration from arts and modern culture worldwide. Inclusivity ensures our brand is accessible to all, and integrity guides our ethical practices.

These values form the foundation of our brand, enabling us to provide exceptional experiences and craftsmanship to our valued consumers.

our responsibility

Propelled by a sense of responsibility for our environmental impacts, continuously strive to enhance sustainability approaches and work towards achieving a lessened global footprint.


Displaying transparency across our business operations, emphasising ethical practices in manufacturing. Evolving with changing dynamics and growth, the brand remains steadfast in reflecting its mission, ensuring openness and integrity in every aspect of its journey.

our inspiration

Drawing inspiration from global arts and modern culture, fostering a style that remains authentic yet embraces change. By staying attuned to diverse influences, the brand creates a dynamic and ever-evolving identity that resonates with contemporary trends while staying true to its unique aesthetic.

inclusive to all

Prioritising inclusivity, ensuring our brand is accessible to all. We actively update and listen to our consumers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness to diverse needs and preferences.


Driven by integrity, guiding our commitment to ethical practices throughout the brand. Remaining true to our roots through integrity is crucial, and authentic even in the face of potential disruptions to business practices.